Valley Presbyterian Church exists to make disciples of Jesus by GATHERING for worship, GROWING in Christ & Christian community, and GOING out into the world to love others.

The ministries of the church are implemented by the Session and overseen by the following committees of elders and pastors.

GATHERING TEAM Pastor Ron, Elders Jaime Garcia and Jesse Cook.

The Gathering Team exists to provide excellently-presented, biblically-grounded worship which proclaims the gospel to all, edifying the body of Christ for the Glory of God.

GROWING TEAM - Pastor Jason, Elders, John Martinez and Jack Riedinger

The Growing Team exists to provide the discipleship opportunities of Christian Education and Christian Fellowship in order for God's people to grow in Christlikeness.

GOING TEAM - Pastor Ron, Elders Bruce Mateko, Larry Shaw and John Martinez.

The Growing Team exists to facilitate the spread of the gospel and the service of God's people, both globally and locally, through strategic missionary support and local evangelism and outreach efforts.