We are studying THE DOCTRINE OF THE CHURCH this spring. We will spend a few weeks each learning about the Biblical basis for:

1) THE NATURE OF THE CHURCH - as a spiritual institution that is both visible and invisible & universal and local. We will also learn about the marks and members of the church as well as consider the church's relationship to the world and the state with special attention given to the extent and limits of libery of conscience.

2) THE POWER OF THE CHURCH - we will consider the ways Christ rules and governs his church with special attention given to spiritual nature of church power as well as the limits and goals of church power.

3) THE POWER OF THE CHURCH IN PRACTICE -  in doctrine, worship & ordinances and church discipline

4) THE GOVERNMENT OF THE CHURCH - we will compare the biblical basis for Presbyterianism vs. other forms of church government, i.e., Episcopal, Congregational, etc.

We meet during the 10:00 A.M. hour. Please come and join us!