A new Basic Beliefs Class begins on September 18th at VPC! If you are a recent attendee or are merely are interested in learning more about the Christian Faith and the church please join us! If you missed the first session please feel free to join us this next week.

During this eight-week course, meeting at 10am on Sundays in The Church Office, we answer some of the most important questions of life: Who is God and how does he make himself known? What do the Scriptures teach about good and evil? What is sin? Who is Jesus Christ and what is the Gospel? What is salvation? What roles do the church and the sacraments play in the life of a Christian?

Basic Beliefs will also inform you as to what we believe at VPC and encourage you to take the next steps in following Christ as his disciple. Attending the class does not in any way obligate you to join the church, though completing the class is required if you desire to become a member of VPC.

Please contact Pastor Ron if you would like more information about Basic Beliefs, 818-894-9200 or valleypresbyterian@gmail.com