The City

To begin connecting with the body of Christ at VPC please visit the following link

THE CITY is a social network built specifically for our church.

Private and secure.
Engage your way: Receive emails with a daily digest, review posts via your smartphone or the website,

THE CITY revolutionizes the way we communicate.

An interactive calendar of church events is updated daily.

How many ways is information conveyed at Valley? Announcements, Bulletins, Letters, Fliers, Emails, Texts, Meal Trains, Word-of-Mouth, etc… Now all that information is also collected in one easy-to-access location.

Have you ever missed a service or fellowship opportunity because you weren’t at church that week or didn’t catch the announcement? No more as church-wide events are posted in one place.

THE CITY is easy to use.

Do you currently use email or Facebook? You’re ready for The City.

Need assistance? We’re going to provide one-on-one support and information sessions to help. No one will be left behind.

Please sign up individually as this is the best way to experience the network and communicate with your brothers and sisters. When you are signed up you'll be connected with the Groups in which you currently participate (Choir, White Horse Inn, Community Groups, Mercy Ministry, etc.). Don't hesitate to message Elder Dave McGuire with questions.

Upcoming Events

Prayer9:30am – 9:50am
Discipleship Classes for All Ages10:00am – 10:45am
Sunday Worship11:00am – 12:15pm