Wisdom in Ecclesiastes

Pastor Ron began a sermon series on The Book of Ecclesiastes last Lord's Day. You can find the the opening sermon on chapter 1:1-1:18 here.

Linked below you will find a very helpful discussion on "Wisdom in Ecclesiastes" between two professors at Westminster Seminary California, Dr. R. Scott Clark, Professor of Historical Theology and Dr. John Fesko, Academic Dean, Professor of Systematic and Historical Theology. The program is called Office Hours

Dr. Clark and Dr. Fesko do a fantastic job in "wisely" addressing various topics, (e.g. suffering, the purpose of life, hope, the blessings of common life, and Christ, the Christian's Wisdom.)

If you are in a rush today, then, if nothing else, click on the link below and listen from 30:06 to 33:04.

Here is the interview