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Children's Church

2 and 3 Year Olds


10:45 Arrive before children. Put your own name tag on.

10:55 Children from Sunday School Arrive, new Children arrive. Make sure you know the names of the children and their parents. Ask parents to sign their children in. Use name tags for those children who are unfamiliar to you. Put the name of the child and the parent on the name tag.

11:00 Open with singing and prayer

Use songs in this book or other songs.

11:10 Free Play Time

Teach the children how to share and be kind as they play with one another.

11:30 Bible Story

Prepare a lesson using the theme specified in the curricular materials. You may substitute or augment the lesson with your own materials.

11:40 Worship from Life

"Real-life" story given in curriculum. You can use the cut-out figures provided. You can substitute materials and stories as long as they relate to the theme.

11:45 Craft

Refer to craft idea specified in the curriculum. Prepare craft before-hand. Some basic craft materials (scissors, glue, crayons...) are available in the Sunday School cabinet.

11:55 Prayer

Ask children if they have prayer requests. Offer a brief prayer and give thanks to God for the food.

12:00 Snacks

Provide children with snacks. Provide only water for drinks so as to avoid problems with stains, etc.

12:15 Parents pick up kids

Introduce yourself to parents whom you don't know. Make sure children take craft and "Worship at Home" paper with them.


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