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  1. The Doctrine of Scripture -- What Is the Bible? 
  2. Surviving Manuscripts for the New Testament
  3. "Evidence That Demands A Verdict"
  4. The Doctrine of God  (Part 1) -- Who Is God?
  5. The Doctrine of God  (Part 2)
  6. The Doctrine of Humanity -- Who Are We Really?
  7. The Doctrine of Christ  (Part 1) -- Who Is Jesus?
  8. Jesus is Jehovah
  9. The Doctrine of Christ  (Part 2)
  10. The Doctrine of Christ  (Part 3)
  11. The Doctrine of Salvation
  12. Becoming A Christian
  13. Church Membership -- What Kind of Church Is This?
  14. VPC Membership Covenant
  15. Procedure for Joining VPC
  16. The Ministry of the Church  (graphic)
  17. On Joining the Church  (Book of Church Order)
  18. Christ and His Church  (Bible verses)
  19. Spiritual Gifts--Identification
  20. Where Can I Use My Gifts?



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