The Dedication of A Teacher

by Henrietta C. Mears

Evangelism is at the heart of Christian Education. Christ is the center of all good teaching. This does not mean you must have a revival service; it means you should create an evangelistic atmosphere. The key for this is the teacher. Here are ten decisions I made when I began my work as a young woman.

1. I will win the personal allegiance of every one in my class to Christ.

1 cor 9:18-24; 1 john 1:4; Expect a decision on the part of every student.

2. I will not think my work over when my pupil has made his/her decision for Christ. I will help him to realize how necessary daily Bible reading and prayer are. I will put helpful books in his hands. I will encourage him to unite with God's people, and I will show him the importance of church work. I will stay close to him until he is established. I will be accessible.

3. I will see that he finds a definite place in some specific work -- saved to serve. numbers 11:17; 1 cor 12

4. I will bring Christianity out of the unreal into every day life. The ministrations that the world needs so much today -- meat for the hungry, drink for the thirsty, etc. -- are judgment day tests. matt 25

5. I will try to help each one discover the will of God because the Master can use every talent. I will try to see in them what God sees. Michelangelo saw the face of an angel in a discarded stone. Christ saw a writer in a tax gatherer, a preacher in a fisherman, a world evangelist in a murderer.

6. I will instill a divine discontent into the mind of everyone who can do more than he is doing: not by telling him the pettiness of his life, but by giving him a vision of great things to be done enthusiastically, passionately.

7. I will make it easy for anyone to come to me with the deepest experiences of his inner life: not by urging, but by sympathy and understanding. Never let anyone think you are disappointed in him.

8. I will put the cross back in the Christian life. It is grand to be out where the fight is strong, to be where the heaviest troops belong, and there to fight for God and man.

9. I will pray as I have never prayed before for wisdom and power. "If any man lack wisdom, let him ask of God [pray] . . . and it will be given him." james 1:5

10. I will spend and be spent in this battle. I will not seek rest and ease. I will not think that freshness of face holds beauty in comparison with the glory of heaven. I will seek fellowship with the Man of Sorrows, acquainted with grief, as He walks through this stricken world. I will not fail Him.


The 6 P's of Follow-Up
This should be the major responsibility of each teacher. Phil 4:6
Your work only begins on Sunday. James 1:22; 2:17
Follow up every absence; reward good, consistent behavior
Parents are also your spiritual responsibility. The child is a product of his/her home. Get to know your students.
Don't give up on any student! 1 Cor 15:58
One of the greatest responsibilities in the world is that of the Christian teacher.
It can also be the greatest source of joy, as you see results.
But results don't happen because you donate an hour on Sunday morning.
They happen because you purposely follow up your position with positive performance.
Don't ever settle for being "just a Sunday, Sunday School teacher!