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Valley Presbyterian Church is a community which seeks to experience and show God’s grace to the San Fernando Valley. We gather together weekly to hear and taste of God’s mercy to us in Jesus Christ, and we go out seeking to embody this good news through acts of love and service to our community. Valley Presbyterian Church welcomes everyone who is longing for faith, hope, and love.We are:

Christ-centered: The entire life of our community at VPC is centered on Jesus Christ. We believe that Jesus is exactly who he claimed to be, God and man. And we believe Jesus did what he said he would do, “give his life as a ransom for many.” It is our common faith in Jesus Christ and commitment to following him that brings people from all different nationalities, cultures, backgrounds, and interests together to worship the Jesus who lives.

Grace-centered – We do not believe that we’re Christians because we are better than anyone else, more educated than anyone else, or more spiritual than anyone else. We believe that the new life that we’ve found in Jesus is ours because of God’s free grace. The fact that we didn’t deserve it and we didn’t earn it means that we have no reason to think we’re better than anyone, and it also means that we have every reason to be humble.

Gospel-centered – The gospel is the simple yet profound message that God saves sinners through Jesus Christ. We are convinced that Jesus lived the life that we were meant to live, he died the death that we as sinners were supposed to die. Jesus did this so that we might live forever. We believe that this is good news and our mission at Valley Presbyterian Church is to experience the transforming power of this message in each of our lives.

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Worship- 11:00 AM
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